What If

Behind the fence of the closed Escondido Country Club

"An utter nightmare that I hope never befalls any of our neighboring cities in this area. But it’s a nightmare that hopefully will someday end."

- Escondido Councilman Mike Morasco on the closure of Escondido Country Club

San Diego Union Tribune, September 17, 2016

There are several examples nearby and across the country of what happens to a community when a golf course is shuttered and allowed to go to seed. StoneRidge has been an important part of Poway since the early 1960s. If Measure A fails and StoneRidge closes on November 8th, here’s what we have to look forward to:


  • Homeowners all over Poway could see massive drops in property value, and Poway will be left with a 117 acre eyesore (larger than the San Diego Zoo).


  • Clubhouse, pro shop and course bathroom facilities will be shuttered. Dormant properties decay and attract crime and illegal activity.


  • Measure A sets the limitations on development to 25 acres of the 117 acres. If it fails, all 117 acres will go back to the drawing board.
  • Owner could wait until the community demands a change in conditions. The golf course will be lost and pressures to build fair-share housing could result in development of all 117 acres.
  • Owner could pursue another use allowed under current zoning including: churches or other religious institutions (i.e. schools), freestyle/motocross bicycle courses, rodeo arena, skateboard parks, and more (17.23.020 Permitted and conditional uses – OS-R).

Note: The covenant some owners adjacent to the property have indicating StoneRidge must maintain golf course use through 2020 pertains only to no change in use, it does not mandate continued operation of the business. Also, it only pertains to one of the three parcels that make up StoneRidge.